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in Verplanck, NY

Mondays  10:00 am - 11:15 am
Wednesdays  7:00 pm -
8:15 pm
Thursdays  10:00 am - 11:15 am

in Cold Spring

Tuesdays  7:00 pm - 8:15 pm


Please contact me for further information

Chen tai chi will boost athletic skills in your 20s and 30s, by improving focus. In your 40s and 50s it will reduce stress caused by work and hectic schedules.
In your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond tai chi’s restorative powers will help you age more gracefully and function at a higher level than those who don’t practice it.

Chen strengthens joint ligaments to grant greater flexibility while increasing the bone mass density of the pelvis in order to give far greater stability for the hip. This is what attending my classes or private lessons achieves. Regarding cardiovascular improvements, Chen tends to vary postures in all its forms between fast and slow; although always in a continuous flow. This is the distinguishing characteristic of Chen; as the logic behind its strategy is that movement is never boring, nor becomes monotonous. They change. Each form obeys a different rhythm and the rhythm in each form is unique, much as would be in poetry. The result of Chen practice is greater lung volume plus stability in the beating of the heart. If longevity is your goal; sign up for Chen classes and for Chen lessons!

Tai Chi is the most venerable form of movement. That Berit Schumann inspires her students to stay with what they learn is more complex than their eyes might have conceived. She has taken my group through forms 19, 21, and 38 and now we are relishing learning the sword form, knowing that each practice will take a lifetime to truly grasp.




For anyone, of any age, who is interested in learning about TaiChi, Chen style, I highly recommend to sign on to classes with Berit Schuman. I have studied with Berit for three and a half years in groups of 5-10 students as well as privately. When I started as a complete novice I was very impressed and at the same time intimidated by Berit’s elegant style and mastery. However, Berit proved to be very patient, encouraging, and an excellent communicator and teacher, and the students in the groups were so very welcoming and positive that I now refer to them as my Tai Chi family. I am presently participating in three groups a week. I highly recommend Berit Schuman and her classes.

Birgit Elias


I have been studying chi gong for many years and had an interest in expanding my experience by studying tai chi chuan as well. But over the years I never found a good match with the teachers I tried. As the saying goes, ‘when a student is ready, a teacher will come’. I started attending Bérit’s class. I also see Bérit on a one to one basis. The classes and private lessons, for me, make an excellent combination for learning tai chi chuan.




Great emphasis is given to proper posture and fluid body movement and balance. These are essential in this art and also play an important role in our overall health. I personally benefit from the assistance it gives me in maintaining proper back (spinal) structure.


Lou Cerce Jr.


I look forward to Tai Chi class every week; I started earlier this year and like the combination of exercise, meditation, mental agility, and martial arts.


Alex Goldman


I’ve been studying Chen Tai Chi with Berit Schumann for the past four years and find that her mastery and teaching style put her in a class by herself. I recommend her classes enthusiastically.


Jason Elias, Author and Acupuncturist


I have been taking lessons with Bérit for almost two years. I have found my balance has improved, my back doesn’t hurt me as it used to, and I have lost weight and tightened my muscles in my core. Bérit is an experienced teacher who encourages her students and let’s everyone work at their own pace. The studio the class uses is a big, clean room outside of Peekskill and the other students are very friendly and non-competitive. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for an effective way to become more healthy.


Carol Pugh


I have taken Bérit Schumann’s classes for over a year now and I have noticed a real improvement to my general well-being, particularly with my joints, balance and stamina. Bérit is a dedicated teacher, who focuses on each of her students and their individual progress, and is very knowledgeable about Chen Tai Chi. Every week, I am looking forward to my class with her as a precious me-time. And in the future, I am considering taking one of Bérit’s seminars abroad.



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